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Sunday, August 19th, 2018

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Indian Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer

Indian Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer

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by December 28, 2017 Love Marriage Specialist

Let’s start with the classic idea of ​​marriage, but only from the point of view of astrology. Understanding the principles of solar and lunar marriage is considered a relationship in which a man assumes the role of protector of women and protection of their interests. A woman who cares so much and needs it, man has love and interest. She is beautiful and sweet; He is strong and intelligent. You can find different types of love problems or marriages in your life, but our Indian Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer Will help you to solve these problems.

For women, marriage is determined by the size of the Sun in their birth chart. What does it mean? The sun is the center of our space systems and the voluntary center of the human personality. This is how we make decisions. Aspects of the sun: we do not care about character traits at the time of our conscious relationship with others. Going back to the question asked, is the behavior of the woman when she can solve something. The planet Aspektiruemye becomes an important husband. In other words, determine what partners (men) the born woman shared to share a common destiny. Each husband is a mirror of some feminine traits. In other words, through marriage in the world, the woman returns to how she behaves with others when it is really the power of influence. In marriage, it is under the (governance, management) of one that reflects their level of development and understanding of the principles of the aspects described. This important concept may be clearer to you thanks to our wedding astrologer.

Now, let’s talk about men. On the map of men, marriages describe the application of the moon. It is another concept of astrology. She (the Moon) defines our relaxed behavior. What we have in the house and in everyday life. In other words, it means that the world appears to us if we simply live. Applications of the moon: it is also a character trait that only covers unconscious natural behavior. Therefore, for a man of his wife will be his emotional thinking. Get your love back and get solutions for your love marriage. The world thus (through marriage) returns to man his emotions and his unconscious reaction.

Those who have encountered serious marital problems in their lives can contact our Indian love marriage specialist astrologer who is available for your help and will guide you on how you can solve your problems related to marriage through astrology.

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